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== Free Agent GoFlex Home ==
== Free Agent GoFlex Home Internal PCB Photos / Teardown ==
The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home Network Attached Storage (NAS) device
== PCB Photos ==
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== Serial Console ==
J1 in the bottom left hand corner of the PCB has connections for the console port. The console port is 3.3V, 115,200bps 8N1.
Pin 10 is Ground, Pin 9 is Transmit (Out) and Pin 8 is Receive (In).
== Boot Log ==
[http://www.beyondlogic.org/goflex/goflex_boot.txt Log of Boot Process]

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Free Agent GoFlex Home Internal PCB Photos / Teardown

Goflexhome pcb top.png

Goflexhome bottom pcb.png


We know from the GuruPlug, that the Kirkwood processors can get a little hot. In the GoFlex product, the CPU connects to the base via a thermally conductive pad.


In the base there is two large metal masses. It would appear they support two roles. The first is to provide some weight in the base to help keep a hard drive up vertically, the other is to conduct some heat away from the processor.

Base metal mass.png