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Cross Compiling Linux-Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4) User Space Tools

Netlink Protocol Library Suite (libnl)

Download, cross compile and install the Netlink Protocol libraries.

tar -xzf libnl-3.2.23.tar.gz
cd libnl-3.2.23
./configure --prefix=/home/cpeacock/beagle --host=arm-linux-gnueabi
make install

Linux-Zigbee User Space Tools

With the dependencies above cross compiled for ARM and installed, download the lowpan-tools and cross compile.

git clone git:// linux-zigbee
cd linux-zigbee
./configure --prefix=/ --host=arm-linux-gnueabi PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/home/cpeacock/beagle/lib/pkgconfig
make install DESTDIR=/home/cpeacock/beagle