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CC2650 Sensor Tag DevPack Notes

At the time of writing [October 2015], there is limited instructions from Texas Instruments on how to build your own DevPack for the CC2650 SensorTag.


The CC2650 Sensor Tag includes a 20 pin Samtec connector, Part No LSS-110-01-F-DV-A for spinning your own DevPacks. The connector is self mating, hence you don't need to worry about male and female versions.

Very few of the electronics catalog companies (Element 14, RS-Components, Digikey, Mouser) stock this part, and thus you may need to acquire the connector directly from Samtec

Pin Out

The following table details the SensorTag DevPack Expansion connector:


  • Some pins are used for programming/debugging/on-board peripherals and are not generally available in development (Red).
  • The SensorTag contains an analog switch used to switch power between the on-board battery and the external DevPack connector (pin 9). This switch can be operated by PWR_GOOD (pin 19).
  • DP_ID (pin 17) appears to be set up as a voltage divider and used to detect the type of DevPack board connected. The SensorTag board has a 200k pull-up resistor to 3.3V. With no board connected, DP_ID should be approximately 3.3V. DEVPACK-DEBUG contains a 750k resistor pulling DP_ID low. DEVPACK-WATCH has a 820k resistor pulling DP-ID low and DEVPACK_LED_AUDIO has a 300k resistor.

DevPack Schematics

Texas Instruments appear to have multiple product pages for the Sensor Tag DevPacks, some with schematics and some without. This makes finding the schematics and design files for DEVPACK-DEBUG, DEVPACK-WATCH and DEVPACK_LED_AUDIO files difficult if you land on the wrong page.

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