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To display the overlays currently enabled by the cape manager, type:

cat /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.*/slots

On a default Beaglebone Black, it should show:

 0: 54:PF---
 1: 55:PF---
 2: 56:PF---
 3: 57:PF---
 4: ff:P-O-L Bone-LT-eMMC-2G,00A0,Texas Instrument,BB-BONE-EMMC-2G
 5: ff:P-O-L Bone-Black-HDMI,00A0,Texas Instrument,BB-BONELT-HDMI

The format of output is:

 Slot Number:
 Slot I2C Client Address:
 [P]robed Flag
 Probe [F]ailed Flag
 [O]verride Flag
 [l]oading Flag
 [L]oaded Flag

Capes can be enabled or disabled by passing the following parameters to the kernel during boot:


Kernel parameters can be specified in the uEnv.txt file.