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Frequency Plan for The Things Network Australia (LoRaWAN)

In Australia, the 915MHz to 928MHz spectrum can be utilised for Short-range spread-spectrum and digital modulation devices under a LIPD (Low Interference Potential Devices) Class Licence issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

One should observe that this band is narrower than the spectrum allocated in North America (NA915). In the United States, spectrum between 902MHz and 928MHz can be used for ISM.

In Australia, 898.4MHz to 906.8MHz is allocated to Optus and 906.8MHz to 915MHz to Vodafone Hutchison Australia for 'GSM' band mobile phone services. The Optus 2G Network was shutdown on the 1st August 2017 and the VHA network is scheduled to be shutdown on the 30th April 2018. Despite 2G services being shutdown, this spectrum will remain licenced. The ACMA plans to reconfigure and sell this spectrum.

When using LoRa devices in Australia, one must ensure they do no operate on Licenced spectrum.

The AU_915_928 Frequency Plan is:

Channel	MHz	Hz		SF 
1	916.8	916800000	SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
2	917.0	917000000	SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
3	917.2	917200000	SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
4	917.4	917400000	SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
5	917.6	917600000	SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
6	917.8	917800000	SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
7	918.0	918000000	SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
8	918.2	918200000	SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
9	917.5	917500000	SF8BW500
Channel	MHz	Hz		SF
1	923.3	923300000	SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
2	923.9	923900000	SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
3	924.5	924500000	SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
4	925.1	925100000	SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
5	925.7	925700000	SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
6	926.3	926300000	SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
7	926.9	926900000	SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
8	927.5	927500000	SF7BW500 to SF12BW500

The Frequency Plan for USA, Canada and South America share the same Downlink channel frequencies, however the Uplink frequencies are between 903.9MHz and 905.3MHz coinciding with the licenced GSM Bands.